September 30, 2017

(Ep. 91): Samurai Cop - Movie Commentary: September 2017

Samurai Cop

1991 ‧ Crime film/Thriller ‧ 1h 36m

samurai_cop_2.jpg    Release date:January 1, 1989 (USA)

Director:Amir Shervan

ScreenplayAmir Shervan

Film seriesSamurai Cop Film Series

Well we know how to pick them don't we? Movie Commentary is back but this time with MORE ACTION! MORE BABES AND MORE INCREDIBLE LINE READING!

What the hell is Samurai Cop? You may be asking... Well according to Google it's about ...





But according to IMDB...

Samurai Cop follows Joe Marshall and Frank Washington who are police detectives assigned to stop the ruthless activities of the Katana a renegade Yakuza gang composed of violent and sadistic killers! All they want want to lead the drug trade in Los Angeles. 

images%2B%25281%2529.jpegThen again... since we live in a world of fake news and fake facts its honestly entirely up to debate. But we here at Simplistic Reviews say, "Samurai Cop is a classic on so many levels!"

Everyone hold on this one gets kinda weird but then again it was the early 90's.

Here we go, this is Samurai Cop!










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